• Kipling has been designed in Antwerp for 25 years, but we're at home in the world! So we now bring Antwerp out into the world with an exclusive collection of HipHurray bags. read more

25 ways of giving back

Kipling turns 25 this year! Isn’t that a great reason to celebrate? As you bought our bags for 25 years it is now our turn to give back, 25 times! Visit us regularly, click on the coloured gift boxes and find out about running contests, events and promotions. Get ready to be showered with surprises.


Show us your bag, and we’ll tell you who you are! Yes, your handbag is an open book on yourself. From the styles you favour and the way you drape your bag, to the essentials you carry along. See what our girls-on-the-move can't live without during their daily undertakings.

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Kipling turns 25 this year, and girl, have we got something to celebrate! After all, a playful spirit in a serious world has been the Kipling style since day one. Sign up here and be the first to know about our exclusive events, contests and promotions that will run as of today until the very last day of 2012. Be prepared for one yearlong party!